My name is Juan Carlos Montoro Rivers and I own the affix " LAS QUEMADAS " . Since childhood I always drew me this wonderful breed . My father had his first mastiff named Leon , and then started introducing me to this fascinating breed , and raise Spanish Mastiffs became my biggest hobby
We are maintaining and trying to present this wonderful daily canine race , leading to exhibitions for lovers of this breed enjoy watching our mastiffs.
What I like best in the Mastiff is it typical moloso and also their skin , wrinkles , but for me the best feature is that it has a good movement and perfect angles. Undoubtedly , we must also take into account this breed dog , his nobility to any person .
" LAS QUEMADAS " started raising some mastiffs in 2007 , but recorded in the Real Sociedad Canina in 2011 the number of kennel 19417 , recognized by the Federation Cynologique International number 528/2012 . In turn I am a member of the club A.E.P.M.E. with the number 1410.
Our Mastiffs are raised in a family environment, veterinary controlled constant revisions, to have a good development. On our farm , the biggest goal is to have copies of the best genetic lines , in addition to continuing with this line of Spanish Mastiffs and promote three fundamental characteristics: authenticity, character and beauty .


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